Sour urkle weed strain UK

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Sour urkle weed strain UK

Sour urkle weed strain UK is a hybrid cannabis strain that unites Sour Diesel and Purple Urkle, whose opposing sativaand indica genetics meet in a balanced and flavorful fusion. Hints of berry fight through the dominant skunky diesel smell of Sour Urkle, creating a complex aroma that will have you fighting your friends for the first taste. Its dense, rounded buds are caked in crystal-tipped trichomes that try their best to hide Sour Urkle’s deep purple coloration to no avail.

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Sour Urkle marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders and exact Indica/Sativa ratio of this kush remains unknown. The Sour Urkle strain produces pretty rounded purple buds rich in crystal trichomes. The nugs smell of earth with hints of berries. The herb can be used by most due to moderate THC levels. Sour Urkle marijuana is good for evening and night time recreational and medical use due to moderate sedative properties.


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