Larry og weed strain UK

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THC: 26%

Relaxed 61%,Happy 57%,Euphoric 43%,Uplifted 43%,Focused 27%,Stress 38%,Pain 32%,Anxiety 27%,Depression 26%,Insomnia 18%.


Larry og weed strain UK Online

Larry og weed strain UK, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. Larry OG is another exceptional Kush cross that turns the citrus flavor and euphoria up to 11.

Larry OG, sometimes called Lemon Larry, has been around for a few years now making the rounds at dispensaries throughout the West Coast and Colorado. This Indica originally hails from Orange County, and made a name for itself by winning 1st place for a medical Indica strain in Cannabis Cup 2014.

Larry OG strain is derived from a cross between the beloved OG Kush and the SFV OG Kush. The THC count of Larry OG is high at around 21%. Its CBD is usually around 0.5%.

The Larry OG nugs are visually appealing. With a minty green texture covered with an abundance of trichromes and orange-brown hair. The dense nugs seem to retain the right proportions of moisture, thus is lucrative to marijuana enthusiasts. Lemon is the dominant aroma of the Larry OG, thus justifying its alternate name “Lemon Larry. You might notice the earthy and pine undertone scents upon subsequent sniffs.

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