hash bullet pre rolls

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hash bullet pre rolls

hash bullet pre rolls Delicately rolled Hash Bullets are cannabis mixed with a variety of top shelf hash. These hash bullets are perfect for any occasion! Relax, veg and melt your stress away with our potent indica varieties, revive and invigorate your mind with our uplifting sativa varieties, or balance out your day with one of our all-pleasing hybrid varieties.

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The Hash Bullet is beautiful in its simplicity. It’s a small joint, tightly packed, and evenly rolled. The rolling paper is plain white, and it’s been twisted into a nice wisp at the tip. It looks clean and crisp, as if it was rolled only seconds ago. Here’s where the contenders really separated themselves. The Hash Bullet was generally odorless, opting for a plan white paper. The flower itself was buried inside, and even though it was Bugatti OG, we couldn’t really get a clear or distinct aroma from it. While a captivating scent is not usually something we look for while purchasing a joint, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

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