Buy Rove oil vape cartridge UK

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THC 81.9% CBD 0.2%



Buy Rove oil vape cartridge UK

Buy Rove oil vape cartridge UK. It is a practical and honest cannabis product that anyone can enjoy. Portable and discreet, Also, it combines convenience and quality, providing relief wherever, whenever. Firstly, portable and discreet Rove pen combines convenience with quality, providing relief wherever, whenever. Also, Coupled with their strict quality control standards, they ensure a great-tasting, consistent product. Moreover, This unique chamber ensures excellent taste and flow while minimizing possible leakage. Paired with its long-lasting 400mah battery, Rove is always the best choice.
Convenient & Easy Vaping  Available in 1g or 0.5g cartridges

Rove oil vape cartridge online

For best results, use with a Rove Vaporizer Battery (not included)

WARNING: Rove vape oil is thick and may require warming before use. Also, For best results, pair with a Rove brand vaporizer and use the built-in warming feature. in conclusion, Your oil can also be warmed with a blow dryer or a lighter. Warm your oil until it is liquified and flows freely inside the tank. Be sure the mouthpiece is not hot before using.

*THC levels may vary from batch to batch

Strain Selection

Rove provides a wide selection of strains:

  • OG (Indica) – 78.27%
  • Kush (Indica) – 77.94%
  • Ape (Indica) – 78.37%
  • Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Sherbet (Hybrid) – 78.82%
  • Dream (Hybrid) – 78.08%
  • Glue (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Waui (Sativa) – 78.11%
  • Haze (Sativa) – 77.56%

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Ape, Cookies, Dream, Glue, Haze, Kush, OG, Punch, Sherbet, Skywalker, Tangie, Waui


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