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THC: 20% – 24%, CBD:1%, CBN:1%

Relaxed 58%,Sleepy 53%,Happy 45%,Euphoric 44%,Hungry 28%,Stress 42%,Pain 42%,Insomnia 39%,Anxiety 29%,Depression 23


Buy Romulan Weed Strain UK

Buy Romulan Weed Strain UK, named after the alien Star Trek race, is a powerful indica revered for its potent therapeutic qualities. Romulan lends itself to intense cerebral effects. Squat, pine-scented plants produce dense, frosty buds that have found their following among connoisseurs in the Pacific Northwest. A deep, sedating relaxation makes Romulan a favorite strain for patients treating muscle spasms and nerve damage. Many hybridized variations of Romulan exist, but nearly all can promise a full body calm with heavy intoxicating properties.

Romulan is a legendary Indica-dominant strain that got its name when people began joking that this strain could “dent your head” and create ridges like the warrior race from Star Trek that shares the strain’s name. Having been featured in Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture, Romulan is well known for its potent narcotic-like stone. Users often find themselves glued to one spot and may be overcome by a sleepy-laziness.

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