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THC: 10% – 16%

Happy 66%,Uplifted 50%,Energetic 45%,Talkative 39%,Euphoric 38%,Depression 31%,Stress 27%,Anxiety 23%,Fatigue 17%,Pain 15%


Buy Panama red weed UK

Buy Panama red weed UK is best described as an old-school cannabis classic. Originating from Panama, this pure sativa rose to stardom in the late 1960s thanks to its effects: speedy and intense, bordering on psychedelic. However, those who fondly recall days of its prominence love its smooth experience and call for its revival. If you can get your hands on this sentimental throwback, do not hesitate. A classic cannabis strain and a piece of cannabis history, Panama Red remains a foundational element in the popularization of cannabis around the world.

anama Red is a Sativa strain that first gained popularity back in the 1960s and was widely loved up through the nineties. Providing a mellow cerebral high that is slightly on the euphoric and energetic side, the strain is a pretty classic Sativa. Still, Panama Red does have some relaxing bodily effects. A few users also feel much more creative after using the strain. This Sativa will leave most users eyes drier than their mouths but may also cause headaches, anxiety and paranoia.

The slight body high of Panama Red may help make some mild aches and pains more manageable. They may also help fight eating disorders such as anorexia. It may also be good for relieving users of inflammation and nausea.

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