Buy Jacob Hooy CBD Oil UK 10ml

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Buy Jacob Hooy CBD Oil UK 10ml

Buy Jacob Hooy CBD Oil UK 10ml Online.  Also CBD Oil Jacob Hooy, a renowned brand in the Dutch homeopathic world, comes with its own CBD+ oil. This plus stands for the extra cannabinoids that are present in the oil. Hemp seed oil, mixed with healthy paste, gives this oil its own characteristics. Buy Jacob Hooy CBD 10ml

A full product in 3 volume. The normal one of 10ml, the medium of 30ml and the extra-large of 100ml.

Features Jacob Hooy CBD Oil

  • Contains hemp seed oil
  • Contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Dutch fabricate
  • Purveyor to the Royal Household

Hemp seed oil with CBD paste

This CBD oil is made on a base of hemp seed oil (75%) and hemp  paste (made of flowers and leaves). This CBD oil has a light nut-like and somewhat bitter taste.

Available in 3 volumes

  • 10ml
  • 30ml
  • 100ml

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10 30 ml bottles @£12.00 £120.00, 15 30 ml bottles @£10.00 £150.00, 20 30 ml bottles @£8.00 £160.00, 25 30 ml bottles @£6.00 £150.00, 30 30 ml bottles @£4.00 £120.00


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