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Buy Girl Scout Cookies Shatter UK

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Shatter UK

Girl Scout Cookies Shatter UK is made using the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain of cannabis. The record-breaking hit (GSC) packs a punch in the brain and body. Initially from the West Coast, GSC is a mix of the sativa Durban Poison and OG Kush. Despite the fact that it is an indica predominant half breed, it has a very much adjusted feel. It’s high on the THC substance scale coming in at a normal of 18%-23%, however has been recorded up to 28%.

Girl Scout Cookies Shatter

When devouring Girls Scout Cookies Shatter you will see a quick surge pursued by an upscale feel of bliss. Regularly individuals record having an expanded enthusiasm for mingling and speaking with others around them. The sentiment of “enduring forever” is common with this strain, causing 20 minutes to appear hours.

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