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Buy Delush CBD Solvent UK

This solvent-free tincture is designed to deliver the amazing effects of hemp extract, such as relief from inflammation, pain and anxiety to your body and mind. Formulated with premium-grade MCT oil, this potent tincture will help to increase cognitive health, endurance and energy, sleep, and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. MCT oil is also known to help with weight management, making it the perfect supplement for a healthy lifestyle. Handmade in Canada.


CBD Isolate, Organic MCT Oil

What’s In The Bottle

30ml bottle with 600mg/1200mg CBD


Designed for oral consumption. The glass dropper is marked with measurements for easy dosage. Start with 1-2 drops and increase dosage as desired. There are 20mg CBD per 1ml.

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4 600mg @£30.00 £120.00, 8 600mg @£27.27 £218.16, 16 600mg @£24.55 £392.80, 18 600mg @£21.82 £392.76, 20 600mg @£16.37 £327.40


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