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THC: 12% – 17%

Happy 56%,Relaxed 53%,Euphoric 52%,Uplifted 44%,Sleepy 27%,Pain 45%,Stress 38%,Anxiety 34%,Depression 29%,Insomnia 23%.


Buy Blueberry Widow strain UK

Buy Blueberry Widow strain UK is a hybrid strain that is recognised for its fruity qualities and borderline psychedelic highs. This strain lives up to the hype that it deserved, having been created from crossbreeding two legendary strains within the cannabis game, Blueberry and White Widow. This hybrid features 60 percent sativa genetics and 40 percent indica genetics, presenting a rather balanced and diverse genetic profile that offers the best aspects of both cannabis subspecies.

The relatively high THC content found within Blue Widow makes the strain a good choice for any smoker desiring a hard hitting and alerting high. Moderate CBD content makes for several medical applications, especially for conditions that might benefit from the anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure and anti-anxiety qualities that this cannabinoid offers.

When ripping a bowl or smoking a joint loaded with Blue Widow, smokers may notice that the indica traits are slightly more prevalent than the Sativa ones within the high that this strain offers. It induces a calming, relaxing body high that is good for pain and will surely lock some users to the couch. On the other hand, the Sativa elements to this smoke aid in a head high that may increase alertness slightly and maybe quite thought-provoking to some.

Blue Widow will not disappoint when it comes to the taste of this strain on the tongue. It offers diverse tasting experiences and presents bitter, hash, diesel, sour, spicy, sweet and blueberry flavours.

As opposed to the high generated, the sativa genetics within the plant really shine through more when it comes to growing the strain. Blue Widow grows to some impressive heights, when cultivated indoors within a grow tent or grow room the plant will reach around 120 cm and will produce an admirable yield. When cultivated outdoors within garden beds or pots the strain will push further to achieve a height of 200 cm.

The flowering period of Blue Widow takes place over a period of 8 weeks, producing some beautiful flowers at the end of it that contains a THC content of 17 percent. The CBD content of these flowers is moderate. When growing this strain outdoors growers can expect to be harvesting buds around early October.

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