Buy banana Sorbet Strain UK

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Buy banana Sorbet Strain UK

Buy banana Sorbet Strain UK

Banana Sorbet is a strain presented by DNA Genetics Bank within its line “Sorbet”, genetics full of flavor and aroma that surprises who tastes it. Fruit of the cross between a Banana OG and Sorbet, this strain offers a unique and exclusive flavor that will penetrate throughout the growing room and large buds loaded with resin.

Banana Sorbet is a strain very easy to grow, which adapts easily to different growing media. Its structure is typical of a hybrid plant with a slight Indian dominance and has a medium size. At the end of its flowering, this strain gives dense and resinous buds, with a delicious aroma and visual aspect that will surprise even the most expert growers. It is an ideal strain for resin extraction.

The production of Banana Sorbet is high. This strain, in just 8-9 weeks in the growing room with the help of spotlights is able to reach yields of up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors, both in the open air and in greenhouses, this variety can reach 750 grams per plant and will be ready for harvesting about one or two weeks after the end of summer.

The Sorbet Banana effect is medium and balanced. It begins with a moderate euphoric high to, over time, balance and move to a state of happiness and deep relaxation.

One of the most remarkable points of this variety is its intense flavor and aroma, which highlights the sweet fruity notes with a background touch of the OG Kush, with nuances of earth and moisture. A strain full of flavor and exclusive now available in Experiencia Natura

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