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THC: 19% – 22%

Happy 62%,Energetic 54%,Uplifted 53%,Creative 53%,Focused 50%,Stress 33%,Depression 30%,Anxiety 20%,Pain 17%,Fatigue 16%


Buy Allen Wrench Weed UK

Buy Allen Wrench Weed UK

Allen Wrench Weed Strain An extremely popular strain for sativa lovers, Allen Wrench wraps the best qualities of its parent strains into a single package, and couples them with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Loved by go-getters of all kinds, Allen Wrench’s clear-headed stimulation makes it a perfect coffee substitute.

The Allen Wrench strain is a mostly sativa cross between potent sativa Trainwreck and landrace-derived hybrid NYC Diesel. This strain is sure to leave an impression on the palate. But it’s primarily known for its ability to ratchet up users’ higher-order thinking and to inspire creativity. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found flowers of Allen Wrench to have between 16% and a staggering 28% THC content.

Allen Wrench’s bag appeal is established by some very visually impressive flowers. The nugget-like blossoms are medium to large and have the long, tapered appearance typical of other sativa varieties; depending on the individual plant phenotype, flowers may range in shape from spade-like to almost cylindrical. The leaves are tightly packed together in a dense bud structure. And are a mossy green, threaded through with vibrant orange pistils.

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