Blackwater Weed Strain UK

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THC: 19%, CBD:1%

Relaxed 83%,Sleepy 52%,Happy 45%,Euphoric 44%,Hungry 31%,Pain 40%,Stress 39%,Insomnia 33%,Anxiety 29%,Depression 21%


Blackwater Weed Strain Online UK

Blackwater Weed Strain chunky buds have a classically indica bud structure: leaves are densely-packed and tightly curled in on themselves when properly cured. High resin production makes the leaves adhere in large, solid flowers rather than popcorn-like nuggets. The flowers appear dark green, with some phenotypes showing flashes of purple inherited from the Mendocino Purple parent strain

Taking time to break open the flowers will also show evidence of the Afghani landrace lineage, with an unmistakably herbal, hashy smell. When burnt, Blackwater gives off an incense-like smoke that is surprisingly smooth for an indica. The satisfying hit finishes with a fruity and vaguely skunky cloud that may linger for a while.

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