AK47 Adios Premium Liquid Incense 5ml

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AK47 Adios Premium Liquid Incense 5ml

AK47 Adios Premium Liquid 5ml, Say goodbye and goodnight with this popular Adios aromatherapy oil by AK47 Adios Premium Liquid Incense .Adios Premium Liquid Incense is like unloading 3 full clips out. It will definetly clear a crowd. Allcannabis-buddy.com of our aromatherapy products are Fresh every week.

We do not stock old merchandise. All of our Herbal Incense Blends are made and up-to-date with current laws and regulations. We do not use any banned substances. Enjoy the freshest aroma in the market. This Herbal Incense Product is not for human consumption, inhalation or imbibing. Seller warns against misuse of this product.

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